Christmas Specials

We’ve got a great special for Christmas and Christmas Eve!

The QFM-96 Team Classic Tournament

On January 27, 2018 we will be hosting the QFM-96 Team Classic Tournament. More information about the QFM-96 Team Classic here. To participate sign up here:

How to Hold a Ball

How to Hold A Bowling Ball There are three ways to hold a bowling ball: a basic conventional grip, a fingertip grip and the more advanced semi-fingertip grip. Beginning bowlers should start out with the basic conventional grip before they advance to the fingertip and semi-fingertip grips.

House bowling balls at the Palace

Picking A House Ball

Picking A House Ball For those of us who are casual bowlers and who don’t have their own bowling ball picking a house ball is an important part of bowling your best game. There are two very important parameters to be aware of when choosing your house bowling ball. Those choices involve the weight of […]

Beginning Bowlers and Lane Dots

Beginning Bowlers and Lane Dots We all want to knock over all ten pins when we bowl, right? So a lot of us aim at the center pin. Which is actually not the most effective way to bowl. It seems counter intuitive but the best “strike zone” isn’t in the direct center of the pins […]

People playing foosball

Foosball at the Blue Sky Island Bar

Foosball at the Blue Sky Island Bar The historical beginnings of foosball are a bit murky. Most believe that it started as a parlor game in the late 1800s, possibly in different parts of Europe at the same time. Frenchman Lucien Rosengart, an engineer for Citroen, claimed to have come up with the game to […]

Win a Bowling Party with Your Friends!

Win a Bowling Party with Your Friends! This is so easy. Just take a picture at the Bowling Palace and post it on Instagram with the hash tags #bowlthepalace and #summerbowling. And follow us there too. And you could win a bowling party with your friends!

Tasty local draft beers

Blue Sky Island Bar Draft Beer, local or not?

Blue Sky Island Bar Draft Beer, local or not? The Blue Sky Island Bar at the Bowling Palace has 10 different taps and almost always has at least one local beer. Last month the local brew was from the Four String Brewing Company and this month the local beer is Bleeding Buckeye Red from the Elevator […]

The Final Frontier Arcade at the Bowling Palace

The Final Frontier Arcade at the Bowling Palace First a little history: The first popular “arcade games” were early turn of the century amusement park midway games such as shooting galleries, ball toss games, and early coin-operated machines. The early coin operated machines were those that claimed to tell a person’s fortune or that played […]

Why Should You Join A league?

First off there are all sorts of leagues available for all types of bowlers, from the serious professional to the casual just want to have fun bowler.

So you’re a casual bowler. You like to go out with a few friends a bowl when you can. But you have to round them all up and convince them to go every time. Or you’re the person who waits until someone else is organizing the evening. By either joining a league or creating your own you will have a once a week event already planned and good to go. Read more